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Help for Carers

Help for Carers

Are you or do you know of any carers in Birmingham?

Carers are defined as citizens who are in receipt of carers allowance or, may care for a friend or family member that wouldn’t be able to cope without the support. These carers are sometimes known as hidden or informal carers.

Carers, both those in receipt of carers allowance or informal carers, are now eligible for a covid vaccination if they haven’t already been invited to have one.

We have asked Birmingham Carers Hub to register as many unknown/hidden carers as possible and pass their details to the NHS (University Hospital Birmingham) so that invitations for priority vaccinations can be sent out to eligible carers.

Forward Carers are the organisation who run the Carers Hub and who support carers in Birmingham on behalf of the City Council. They will ensure that you get access to information and advice from now onwards as well as ensure that your appropriate details are shared with the NHS as a carer who is eligible for a vaccine.It is really important that if you are eligible that you have the vaccine in order to protect you, yourself and those you care for.If you are still unsure if you are a carer, this link will help you decide: https://forwardcarers.org.uk/info-advice/are-you-a-carer/

You can register as a carer online: https://forwardcarers.org.uk/local…/carer-register-form/ this is the quickest and most efficient method to register. Doing this will automatically ensure that your carer status and eligibility is shared with Birmingham’s local vaccination roll-out programme that is managed and led by the NHS.

If you need help registering, please call Birmingham Carer Hub Info & Advice Line on 0333 006 9711 (low call rate)